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Codependency, Boundaries & Attachment Styles Class

6-Week Master Class
Codependency, Boundaries & Attachment Styles” 

Fall 2024

Tuesday nights, 6:00-7:30pm (central time)

  • Oct 22
  • Oct 29
  • Nov 5
  • Nov 12
  • Nov 19
  • (no class Nov 26)
  • Dec 3

Led by: Gina Johnson & Lindsay Haitz

Codependency, Boundaries & Attachment Styles Class Description
This class covers: codependency, interdependence, anti-dependency, boundary setting, communication skills & attachments styles (secure, insecure, disorganized).  

It is so fascinating how our attachment styles impact our relationship with others and ourselves.  Our attachment styles are formed as a survival mechanism & relate to our autonomic nervous system states (healthy activation, sympathetic, mixed & parasympathetic). 

The good news: our attachment styles are fluid & not fixed.  When using certain tools we can heave healthier attachment styles & relationships.  

Our goal is for all of us to improve our awareness and develop skills/strategies to move between nervous system states and attachment styles without getting stuck in places that work against ourselves & relationships with others.  For more info, please email lindsay@blueprintmotto.com

Location: blueprint, 2704 Boulder Drive, Ste B, Urbana 61802 – or – via zoom

Price: $300 per participant for series (out of pocket)

Ages: 21 and up+

Registration info: (or any questions) email: Lindsay@blueprintmotto.com

<this is a stand alone class, no prerequisites required>

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