Who We Are

Know yourself. Be yourself. Accept yourself. We live it. Every day.

At Blueprint, we believe in our practice, the values that inspire it and the methods that inform it. So much so, we’re here to share it with the world.

Using a scientific-based approach to human emotion and the nervous system, we help individuals, teams, leaders, and the greater community develop the psychological skills  to bring more awareness to their personal strengths, improve their emotional language and reveal their true selves.

Why is this so important?
It helps you respond to life’s challenges in healthy ways.
It improves how you approach your mental, physical, and emotional needs.
It aligns your emotions, thoughts, words, and actions.

Ultimately, you’ll access your best, truest self.

We see you, we hear you and we can help.

Gina Johnson MSW, LCSW

Owner, consultant, therapist, speaker, LEGO enthusiast

In 2006, I came out as gay in a small Midwestern town.
Choosing to be true to myself came at a high price – the support of my family and most all of my friends. Within one year, I packed my bags, closed my mental health practice and attempted to start a new life in a new town.

At that time, I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt lost, hopeless,  powerless and confused. I was in a lot of pain, but I didn’t want to face it or myself.  Instead, I projected my pain onto others and made quite a mess of my life, for a few years.

I finally realized I needed help and support facing myself, the reality of my life and life in general. I started weekly therapy and committed to the process of developing a relationship with myself  – healing, knowing, accepting and being my true self – rather than the self the world wanted me to be.

Through all of this, I’ve learned many things and one of the most important being – we’re programmed by our culture, education, families, friends and media to “perform” life according to strict parameters that prevent us from “being” our true selves.

I am committed to a lifelong path to learn, grow, create and connect. I’m living my life’s purpose and I want other people to experience this too.

I love working with people and teams, seeing them light up with “aha” moments of self-knowledge, learning new psychological skills, discovering their strengths and realizing, “Hey, I am not broken!”

I earned my Masters of Social Work from the University of Illinois and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Throughout my career I have earned many professional accolades, but I’m most proud of the inner work I’ve done and continue to do to better know, accept and be my true self.

When I’m not at blueprint, I’m still engaging in the practices I teach. I also enjoy meditating, stand-up paddle boarding, my animals, taking improv classes, finding new music, and building legos (because play is so important!).

Lindsay Haitz MA, LPC, ACC

Counselor, coach, experience designer, comedy improvisor

This work is a lifelong journey of healing and growth.  My approach to therapy/coaching is to be future-focused on your growth/goals and address the healing that needs to occur along the path forward.  The things that you need to “let go” of (and that are no longer serving you) will inevitably pop-up as we focus on where you want to go and who you want to be. 

For many years, I felt like someone forgot to give me a copy of the “rules” for life.  My goal became to help and understand myself and then support others who felt this way. 

I had a difficult childhood, marked by pain and trauma. When people ask me “where I am from” I am not sure how to answer it because we moved all across the US (i.e. GA, IA, MI, OH, TN, FL, CO, MA).  

I wanted to find a way to be stable, happy and thrive but I had no idea how.  

Life is hard. It’s messy. There are parts of my journey that I am embarrassed about. Some are big. Some small. We all have pieces of ourselves and our life that when we put it down on paper, in black and white, don’t look “good”. 

There are choices I have made that I would go back and do differently now, if I could.  But I can’t.  You might feel this way too. 

So what do we do? How do we reconcile the best that we could do (with the knowledge we had at the time) and what we would do differently now.  

I believe pain is our greatest gift because it shows us the areas that we are out of alignment.  We need to acknowledge the psychic pain we have because it is telling us something. Something that we deep down want to know. 

We could all benefit from a therapist/coach in our lives. I have one!  I am always striving to find creative ways to continue my inner work while making things practical and fun! 

In short, my vision is to help you better know yourself, accept yourself and then be yourself in your life.  I would love to support you on this journey. 

Rachel Jackson Green MSW LSW

Counselor, yoga & meditation teacher

Hi! My name is Rachel. My goal is to journey with you as you grow in increasing your own self-awareness and self-direction to make desired changes, clarity, and self-reliance, personal joy and fulfillment.   I view therapy as an active and collaborative process where we will work together to support you in getting from where you are now to where you want to be.  

For the past few years, I worked as an Accommodation Specialist/Counselor at Disability Resources & Educational Services at UIUC to ensure that all students with visible and/or non-visible disabilities had equal access in the classrooms, student spaces and career opportunities.  I am very comfortable working with individuals with with all types of disabilities (i.e. adhd, ptsd, anxiety, depression) and/or intersecting identities (i.e. gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, race and ethnicity, spirituality, family history, and substance use). 

I believe that you are THE expert on yourself and I hope to serve as a support and resource for you to process and navigate life’s ups and downs.  We’ll work together to overcome the seen and unseen obstacles in your life and find a more balanced way of living.

In 2008, I graduated from UIUC School of Social Work with my Master’s in Social Work and am also a Illinois Certified Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor.  I utilize a trauma-informed, social justice oriented, person-centered approach. I am committed to providing a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to process your experiences and work together towards healing and growth. 

I am so happy to be at blueprint and would love to chat with you about your goals/needs for therapy.  A little bit about me personally, I have a teenage son and adult daughter, and a very lovable fur baby named Moose!  I am a yoga and meditation teacher as well and am passionate about integrating the body into the therapeutic process.

Erin Cleveland, MSW LSW

Counselor, life long learner

Throughout my life, I have spent too much time and money trying to change my body and
gain the external validation the media told me I needed to be happy.

What would make me happy was free and that is why media never wanted to sell it to me.

On a journey of mental and emotional healing, I discovered that the happiness, connection, and fulfillment I was looking for could come from within.
My goal is to elevate and improve the human experience by uncovering the distortions we believe about ourselves and our capacity. I hope to identify and break-through any communication barriers you may have with yourself and with others.

If we can communicate fairly and positively with ourselves, then our capacity for happiness and fulfillment is greater than we might think.

Finding the right therapist for you is no small task. Even as a therapist myself, I often feel intimidated by the prospect of it. I want you to know that I value the choice that ever person makes to work with me.

I can’t promise to know everything and I don’t even think that is what makes an impactful therapist. I can promise to do as much work as you do in session and put myself on the line just as much as you will. I will never judge you and I will always sit in the moment whether it is filled with laughter, pride, or tears.

Amanda “Mandy” Morgan, MSW, LSW

Counselor, nature enthusiast, beekeeper, adventurer at heart

Fuelled by a profound love for exploration and adventure, my life’s journey has been deeply marked by a relentless curiosity. My own encounters with trauma have not only deepened this quest for understanding but have also imprinted upon me the resilience and empathy that guide my therapeutic approach today.

Being a beekeeper, I’ve come to appreciate the delicate balance of nature and the harmonious interplay that sustains life. Bees have taught me the values of collaboration, persistence, and the beauty that arises from working harmoniously with the rhythms of nature. These lessons resonate deeply with my therapeutic work, reminding us of the intricate dance between our internal and external worlds.

The intricate web of life can sometimes feel overwhelming, pushing us to the brink. Yet, during these intense moments, our intrinsic curiosity becomes an anchor, gently nudging us to introspect and discover our true place amidst this vast tapestry. Drawing from the remarkable resilience we often witness in nature, we too can learn the art of adaptability, growth, and rejuvenation.

I have a special focus on trauma, both from professional insight and personal experience. While trauma brings undeniable pain, it also has the potential to be an enlightening guide, revealing strengths and insights we might never have known otherwise. Through my own experiences with adversity, I’ve unearthed unique perspectives, empathy, and resilience. Recognizing trauma’s dual nature — its capacity to wound and to illuminate — forms the bedrock of our path to healing.

Every person’s narrative is a blend of joy, challenges, realizations, and introspection. With a heart full of genuine curiosity, I aim to grasp the multifaceted stories that shape you. As we embark on this mutual journey, be it bathed in sunlight or overshadowed by darkness, know that I stand firmly by your side, offering steadfast understanding and support.

Therapy, to me, is a shared odyssey. It’s my commitment to journey with you, fostering an environment of safety and openness. If you’re seeking a companion on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and profound connections, fortified by a spirit of adventure and curiosity, I am here, eager and ready for our joint expedition.

Jasmine Conyers, MS, LPC

Counselor, avid reader, nature-lover

Being a therapist is one of the most fulfilling roles in my life. I take pride in creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to shed their protective outer layers at their own pace. 

To accept another person is to accept oneself, and my goal is to accept you for who you are, who you’ve been, and who you will become. Healing and growth are lifelong processes, and allowing me to be part of your journey is an invitation to assist you on your path to healing.

Through my own personal journey, I’ve gained valuable insights into my past, present, and my future self. I’ve challenged and redefined the labels that society and I have placed upon me. I’ve discovered that labels like “perfectionist”,”first born”, “a lady”,”college graduate”, and “sensitive”, don’t define me entirely. 

Similarly, as a mom, I’ve encountered unrealistic expectations, just as many of us do in various roles like student, friend, sibling, or partner. I’ve learned that I can choose to embrace or discard these labels as they no longer serve me. 

I once believed I’d be stuck on the South side of Chicago, living from shelter to shelter, but that label no longer defines me, just as yours don’t have to define you. Let me assist you in breaking free from the chains of labels that no longer align with your true self.

Therapy can be uncomfortable, but this discomfort often stems from uncertainty and concerns about how we’re perceived by others or our own expectations. Let’s embrace this discomfort together and make it a catalyst for transformation. 

My commitment is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where we can be comfortable with the uncomfortable, helping you uncover your authentic self.  If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and breaking free from limiting labels, I’m here to support you every step of the way. Allow me the privilege of assisting you in finding the path to becoming your most authentic and fulfilled self.

Danae Gonzalez, MS, LPC

Authentic Counselor, Growth Seeker, and I Value The Following: People, Animals, and Nature

As a counselor, I have good days and bad days. I understand how it feels to go through turmoil, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and experience the rainbow after a storm. 

Experiencing my personal traumas and personal victories has strengthened me to be an authentic and an empathetic counselor.

I have learned that caring for myself is vital to my overall well-being. By caring for myself this ensures everyone in my life, including myself, receives the best version of me. I will not expect you to do anything I am not willing to do, and this includes being vulnerable. I am the first to admit, “I am not perfect”, “I am not all good nor all bad”, and “I am just me”. I choose to give myself grace and self-love through my imperfections, and this is a continual process.

I cultivate a nonjudgmental and calming therapeutic environment where you can process what you need to process. 

I provide Spanish Counseling, Christian Counseling, and I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I have worked in residential and outpatient settings for Mental Health and Substance Use. I currently work with individuals who are 5 years old and up.

For those of you who are ready: I am here to support, value, and walk with you on your healing journey and explore the root causes that are hindering growth in your life. I can teach you to love yourself, accept yourself, to live as your authentic self; and begin healing. 

I want you to feel in control of your healing journey, and I would be happy to navigate your journey with you. I am looking forward to getting to know your past self, current self, and future self.


Audra Sanders

Administrative Assistant, Office Manager

Hi! I am one of the individuals who make goodthingz happen at blueprint.

We all need support in our lives in one shape or another. I support blueprint by helping behind the scenes.

I keep thingz organized, up to date, and hold others accountable. I am here to help blueprint expand and grow.

I can be found where support is needed such as events, classes, and in the office. You may even occasionally hear from me.

In my free time, I can be found outside on a beautiful day hiking, biking, or walking my dogs. I also enjoy reading and finding ways to expand myself.