What We Offer

Discover, reconnect and improve yourself in a safe, creative space.

We’re all just trying to make our own way. And sometimes that can feel tough, even impossible.

We can help.

Through our one-on-one work together, you’ll develop the psychological skills that will help you take on life’s challenges in healthy, productive ways. You’ll tap into your unique strengths to really know yourself, accept yourself and be yourself—leading to healthier habits, stronger boundaries and a more fulfilling life.

Struggling with setting and attaining goals? Or figuring out what they are in the first place?

Blueprint’s one-on-one coaching teaches you the ways your unique strengths can help you discover—and achieve—your purpose. You’ll develop the psychological skills to reconnect with the most authentic part of who you are, align your values, passions and creativity to realize your goals, and be a better you.

Transform your team into a strong, productive, winning collective.

Blueprint’s strengths-based team training programs teach psychological skills, using evidence-based practices and fun exercises. You and your team will learn to ignite creativity, improve communication and gain confidence—ultimately boosting life’s wins.

What makes you light up, feel alive and grow energized?

Find out by developing the psychological skills that help you live with purpose and in alignment with your unique strengths and values. Blueprint’s community offerings focus on evidence-based practices mixed with fun and creative programming, including art and improv.

Classes are open to the public, and can be counted for continuing education credits for practitioners.

Let’s have some fun!

Boost your self-confidence, public speaking and conversational skills, attention, focus—and much more—in a psychologically and emotionally safe environment. Blueprint’s improv classes teach you how to better understand and work with your emotional self, resulting in a better you. You’ll practice thinking on your feet, creating stories with others, and learning about yourself. Ohh and you’ll laugh…a lot!

Are you reaching your full potential?

Do you feel like you have more to contribute to the world but don’t know how to make it happen? We can help! In Blueprint’s 6-week Master Class, you’ll develop emotional awareness, acquire the  psychological skills to work with your stress response and regulate your internal state during any life situation.

We’ll discuss developing healthier habits and how making time for recovery allows you to show up and be who you want to be, even in the most challenging environments. So you can truly take on a life of your own.

Psychological Skills

A sense of what is happening both internally and externally.

• Internal awareness is recognizing your physiological, emotional and cognitive states.

• External awareness is recognizing your behaviors and the stimuli in your environment.

Both internal and external conditions interact and influence one another.

Your ability to regulate your internal states (physiological, emotional, cognitive) to meet the demands/conditions of your external environment.

The words we say to ourselves about ourselves (i.e., your internal dialogue; messages that are positive, neutral and/or negative directed at yourself).

Your set of basic beliefs and attitudes that determine how you will approach yourself, other people and life situations.

Your beliefs and attitudes about your overall abilities and skills.

Your ability to see the reality of any situation (good, bad, neutral) and hold an operating belief that good will prevail.Optimism is a skill!